Besides talks on economic ties and collaboration on immigration and border security, Obama is likely to hear from Mexico about the U.S. role in the country’s ongoing fight against drug traffickers. Currently, 56 percent of Mexicans blame both the U.S. and their own country for the drug violence in Mexico,Canada Goose new york store while one-fifth say the U.S. alone bears most of the responsibility.Mexicans welcome their neighbor’s cooperation in combating this serious problem, with about three-quarters saying they want U.S.

help in training Mexican police and military to combat drug trafficking, and 55 more than half saying they approve of the U.S.Canada Goose new york store providing money and weapons to their country’s police and military. But they draw the line at any American boots on the ground, with 59 percent rejecting the deployment of U.S. troops to their country to fight narco-traffickers.The drug war, immigration and the economic relationship between the U.S. and Mexico are among the items bound to be on the agenda when Obama visits Mexico this week, and Mexican opinion regarding U.S. involvement on these issues has shifted in a somewhat more positive direction in recent years.

The question now is whether the two countries can build on the promise fostered by the proposed immigration policy and cement some the progress that appears to have been made.Søndag dekket NRK jubileumsfeiringen som foregikk på Eidsvoll, i forbindelse Grunnlovens 200-årsdag.Canada Goose new york store Programleder Nadia Hasnaoui ønsket publikummere og seere velkommen til en feststemt forestilling med taler, kjente artister og spennende gjester.Sydde på geitepels På tv-skjermen kunne man se Nadia i en jakke fra merket Woolrich, som opprinnelig var utstyrt med coyotepels.NRK, som kjøpte inn jakka for anledningen, hadde imidlertid klippet av pelsen til fordel for å sy på geitepels – for estetiske grunner, da de mente at geitepelsen matchet den hvite jakka bedre.